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Physiotherapy Services :

This unit caters the needs of persons with mental retardation & associated disabilities having motor problems. After detailed assessment, appropriate therapeutic intervention programmes are planned to meet individualized needs in consultation with their parents.  Various therapeutics services i.e. active and passive exercise, correction of postures and movement disorder, enhancement of overall motor performance of a child, gait training etc.  are provided by a qualified physiotherapist as per requirement.

Facilities provided in Department :

  • Milestones development of the Child.
  • Assessment and Management plan for persons with disabilities.
  • Providing Facilities for gait training.
  • Providing Early Intervention facilities.
  • Providing facilities for Special Chair, Wheel Chair and walking aids & their modifications.
  • Facilities for improving muscle power and endurance.
  • Providing facilities for correct the posture.
  • Providing follow up Programme for the children.
  • Providing home based programme for children who cannot attend our services regularly.
  • Providing facilities of electrotherapy like Wax bath, Infra Red Therapy, ultrasonic and Hydro collator machine.
  • Proper guidance and counseling to parents about sptitage, gaiters and mobilities aids like AFO, KAFO, HKAFO etc. and how to use these aids.
  • Facilities to increase balance and Coordination.
  • Facilities to providing therapeutic programme for prevent or correct the contracture, Tightness and deformities.
  • Pre-vocational evaluation and Management.
  • Behaviour Management and training
  • Improve concentration and attention of the children.
  • Childhood disabilities awareness and its possible prevention.
  • Use pegboards for clear the concept of shape, size and colors
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